Offered Without Comment

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What Could Make Poker Even More Fun?

…well, maybe bikini models? Players who win their way to the weeklong tournament through Absolute Poker will receive exclusive access to Serinda’s private bikini photo shoot, set on the backdrop of Aruba’s gorgeous beaches. Clainer notes that the down-to-earth Texas Hold’em bombshell is no stranger to the poker world. Most players already know Swan from […]

Texas Hold’em Bust in Nova Scotia

According to that disreputable local rag ((Please stop calling me at home and asking me to subscribe. Please.))beacon of journalistic professionalism, the Herald, a Truro bar has been charged for having a Hold ‘Em tournament: Truro bar owner faces fine for allowing poker tournament TRURO (CP) — A Nova Scotia bar owner has been fined […]

News From The Poker World

I’m not one to give advice unsolicited, but sometimes I just have to: If you are spear-heading the largest illegal Internet gambling operation in San Antonio, maybe you should try and avoid the spotlight. This would include not making it to the final table of the nationally televised World Series of Poker, finishing in sixth […]

News From The Poker World

Anytime I see a headline about an “ex-Hollywood agent” named Gold wreaking havoc at a gambling table, I think of two things: Ari Gold losing his mind at a blackjack table in “Entourage”, and now about this guy and his words of advice about the value of pairs of 10s: Ex-Hollywood Agent Still Leads at […]

News From The Poker World

A lesson to be learned here for all poker players: Even if you are 10 time World Poker Champion Phil Hellmuth, you should show up on time for your games. Also, if you DO hit a Royal Flush, letting loose a “loud and jubilant expletive” is not the way to go, even if you are […]

News from the Poker World

Apparently people other than us play poker. Who’d have thunk it? Chimp Might Not Be Chump in Poker In a “rumor mill” exercise that sounds remarkably like a viral marketing project, the poker site is being touted as the first company to enter a chimpanzee in the the august tournaments of the World Series […]