Player Profile: Josh "Tiger" Forbes

Name: Josh Forbes Nickname: Tiger D.O.B: 11/28/1971 Real World Occupation: I make rubbers. Poker Highlights: Winning the H.G.P.A. Poker Tourney a few months ago. Also, my first night playing, watching Eric and Neil go all in fighting each other while I snuck in and won the big pot with four of a kind at Omaha. […]

Player Profile: Eric Miller

Name: Eric Miller Nickname: E Date of Birth: 10/16/82 (EdNote: Eric is a fucking child!) Real World Occupation: Art Director Poker Highlights: $150 win at The Cracker Factory Style of Play: Helter-Skelter Best Poker Attribute: My ablility to make up a retarded amount of crazy games. Worst Poker Attribute: Not paying attention to what is […]

Player Profile: EBOC

EdNote: This is the first in a series of profiles of our merry band of men. All profiles are penned by the players themselves, with minimal editing for clarity and brevity. Name: Michael James Brygidyr MacLean (EdNote: “Brygidyr”?!?”) Nickname: EBOC (Eight-Ball Of Crack) … Of the Shire Date of Birth: 12/08/1980 Real World Occupation: At […]