The Passing of a Legend

From an AP news article: Poker Star Chip Reese Dies at 56 By RYAN NAKASHIMA LAS VEGAS (AP) — David “Chip” Reese, whose plans for a Stanford University business school degree were sidetracked by his success at high-stakes poker in Las Vegas, died in his sleep. He was 56. Reese was found by his son […]

Some reading for the new year

Quoting from January Magazine‘s Holiday Gift Guide: Dead Man’s Hand: Crime Fiction at the Poker Table edited by Otto Penzler (Harcourt Books) 400 pages Having already commissioned original short stories for anthologies with sports themes (basketball, boxing, baseball, tennis, horse racing, etc.), Penzler is finally tapping into the enthusiasm for what seems to be America’s […]

3-card Hand Rankings

For the record, I’ve done the math (correctly–I think) for the various kinds of three card hands, and have come up with the result that a straight flush definitely beats three of a kind in three card poker. As with any kind of poker, the harder it is to make a hand, the more the […]

Obama Can Play Cards (Allegedly)

Since this person has a statistically valid chance at being the leader of the free world in the next 13 months or so, I reckoned this story regarding his implied “poker prowess” was worthy of mention: Gambling buddies: Obama flush with poker prowess SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (AP) — Barack Obama’s triumph in the 2004 U.S. Senate […]

Poker with world leaders?

OK, here’s a challenge for you HGPA blog readers: tell me what kind of players you think world leaders would be in a no-limit hold’em tournament, and what your strategy for dealing with them would be. Here’s some sample leaders, along with my answers, but feel free to use other leaders as well: George W. […]