June Tournament Report

Summary Things that happened at the June 30th tournament that have never happened before: One of the people who ended in the money left the tournament several hours before it ended A player was eliminated from the tournament twice A winner of the tournament was announced twice The tournament temporarily had a phantom player, who […]

Tournament Results

Well, Saturday’s tournament was pretty much an unqualified success–the house is still standing, with no capital expenditures required to put it into wife-ready order before Trish gets back, I think everyone had fun, and I certainly enjoyed myself. And, I got a lot of great stuff from the lads–giant cards, mathematically useful cards, poker signage, […]

Saturday Tournament

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present one of the people who made it into the money at Saturday’s tournament: I’m not sure what this says about everyone who didn’t make it into the money…

Tournament Report 14/10/06

Eleven men entered, but only one left. Well, everyone left. Except me, as I lived there. Anyways: The tourney was another rousing success, even without our reigning champ Chris there or the likes of Alex, Bob, Tiger, Ward, Cal or Jarrod cluttering things up. Eleven entrants, split for a long while into two tables (5/6). […]

Tournament Report 8/12/06

Location: Allan Street Poker Syndicate Participants: Neil, Chris, Drake, Ward, Bob, Miller, Cal, Mal, Cracker, Hyland, Dunwoody, Kevin (pal of Chris) A strong turnout that necessitated the use of two tables, this was a tourney for the record books in more ways than one. I honestly have no way to know exactly what went during […]