Some ideas to discuss

A couple of different people have been talking to me about how the increased aggression at the games has made it harder for people with smaller bankrolls (not stacks, bankrolls) to play successfully in the game. This can be phrased as either I dont want to lose more than $20, but I want to play […]

Game Tuesday?

Since the mailing list seems to be fuxxored again, let’s use this for discussion for the moment. First of all, is it true you shmucks let Gibbs win again? I was enjoying being the only threepeat, and now I have to welcome Bob to the club. (Congratulations Bob. What do you want on the trophy?) […]

Implementing the full bet rule

After the recent controversy around the details of all-in raises and how they affect the option to re-raise, we need to formally adopt an HGPA position on this matter. The position that most people seemed to advance was that we should formally adopt the “full bet rule” for all-in raises. The common description of how […]


We need a way to document our peaks and valleys, and since drinking and other herbal pastimes play a signifigant role in our weekly games, this seems like the best way to do it.