Game Tuesday?

Since the mailing list seems to be fuxxored again, let’s use this for discussion for the moment.

First of all, is it true you shmucks let Gibbs win again? I was enjoying being the only threepeat, and now I have to welcome Bob to the club.

(Congratulations Bob. What do you want on the trophy?)

Then, since I had to miss this weekend’s rituals at the altar of Gamblor, I am interested in the question of a weekly game this week, in order to get my fix. Are we up for that, and do we have an offer of a host?

312 Responses to “Game Tuesday?”

  1. I can't do Wednesday this week, but I can do Tuesday and offer to host. Smiley – you need to drop out of school so you can make these games again. Or we need to work on getting a Wednesday or Thursday game together.Who's in for tomorrow?

  2. I can't do Wed or Thurs this week. Tuesday is fine with me, and if there's a game I'll be there.

  3. I'm in

  4. Three peeps ain't enough to get this rolling. Come on people, Gamblor requires nourishment.

  5. I can make it any night this week.

  6. Well that's four then. I'll press Drake at lunch and maybe that will be enough. What about Faye or Dirty?