Implementing the full bet rule

After the recent controversy around the details of all-in raises and how they affect the option to re-raise, we need to formally adopt an HGPA position on this matter. The position that most people seemed to advance was that we should formally adopt the “full bet rule” for all-in raises. The common description of how […]

New H.G.P.A. crest art.

Most of you will have seen the original HGPA Crest, as displayed and explained in the HGPA History post. The one problem with that incarnation of the art is that it was a scan of a drawing dating back to the dawn of the association, and therefore is of limited use in a number of […]

June Tournament Report

Summary Things that happened at the June 30th tournament that have never happened before: One of the people who ended in the money left the tournament several hours before it ended A player was eliminated from the tournament twice A winner of the tournament was announced twice The tournament temporarily had a phantom player, who […]