Game Report 8/29/06

Location: The Upper Bowl of the MillerDome Attendance: Neil, Bob, Alex, Miller, Tiger, EBOC, Speedbag, “Dirty” (friend of Miller), “Marchant” (another friend of Miller), “Steve” (yet another friend of Miller) and Some Guy Whose Name I Forget Who Was Always Smiling So I Will Call Him “Smiley” (who knew Miller had all these friends?!) I […]

News From The Poker World

I’m not one to give advice unsolicited, but sometimes I just have to: If you are spear-heading the largest illegal Internet gambling operation in San Antonio, maybe you should try and avoid the spotlight. This would include not making it to the final table of the nationally televised World Series of Poker, finishing in sixth […]

Game Report 8/22/06

Location: Allan Street Poker Syndicate Attendance: Neil, Drake, Bob, Alex, Chris, Miller, Carsten, Cracker, Speedbag A larger than expected turnout once again forced the use of one of Neil’s endtables as a chair, if only for a brief time. The action was fast and furious, even by HGPA standards, as there were four all-ins and […]

Common Poker Jargon (Part I)

First of series of posts defining some poker jargon that regularly does, or should, show up at H.G.P.A. events. These are terms in addition to the basic glossary available on Neil’s HGPA site. A related series of H.G.P.A.-coined jargon may follow. all day: The total current posted bet. Used to indicate that the speaker is […]

Game Report 8/15/06

Location: Larch Street Den of Ill Repute (same as last week) Attendance: Neil, Drake, Bob, EBOC, Alex, Chris, Miller (also same as last week … spooky) A repeat of last week’s showing once again descended on Alex’s pretty little world and settled in for a nice night of gambling. The game opened with rounds of […]

Player Profile: Josh "Tiger" Forbes

Name: Josh Forbes Nickname: Tiger D.O.B: 11/28/1971 Real World Occupation: I make rubbers. Poker Highlights: Winning the H.G.P.A. Poker Tourney a few months ago. Also, my first night playing, watching Eric and Neil go all in fighting each other while I snuck in and won the big pot with four of a kind at Omaha. […]

Tournament Report 8/12/06

Location: Allan Street Poker Syndicate Participants: Neil, Chris, Drake, Ward, Bob, Miller, Cal, Mal, Cracker, Hyland, Dunwoody, Kevin (pal of Chris) A strong turnout that necessitated the use of two tables, this was a tourney for the record books in more ways than one. I honestly have no way to know exactly what went during […]

Game Report 8/08/06

Location: Larch Street Den of Ill Repute Attendance: Neil, Drake, Bob, EBOC, Alex, Chris, Miller A fine inaugural game held at Alex’s new apartment. The extra Pledge on the table made for some interesting dealing and chip flinging, as the gambling gods once again had their way with the H.G.P.A. Initial rounds of Hold ‘Em […]

Player Profile: Eric Miller

Name: Eric Miller Nickname: E Date of Birth: 10/16/82 (EdNote: Eric is a fucking child!) Real World Occupation: Art Director Poker Highlights: $150 win at The Cracker Factory Style of Play: Helter-Skelter Best Poker Attribute: My ablility to make up a retarded amount of crazy games. Worst Poker Attribute: Not paying attention to what is […]

News From The Poker World

Anytime I see a headline about an “ex-Hollywood agent” named Gold wreaking havoc at a gambling table, I think of two things: Ari Gold losing his mind at a blackjack table in “Entourage”, and now about this guy and his words of advice about the value of pairs of 10s: Ex-Hollywood Agent Still Leads at […]