Game Report 7/25/06

Location: The Allan Street Poker Syndicate Attendance: Neil, Drake, Bob, EBOC, Alex, Chris, Cracker, Carsten, Andrew (friend of Bob) A nice crowd after a couple of weeks of smaller games. Early games limited to round matches because of the numbers. Omaha had the predictable dizzying effects, as EBOC shed chips quickly and Andrew’s rapid stack […]

Carsten Is Older Now Than He Was Yesterday

While this is true of us all, it is more profound for Carsten, aka Stacks, aka Boo, since today is actually his birthday. Since he’s insane enough to skip poker tonight in order to celebrate his birthday, the H.G.P.A. was good enough to chip in and bake him this wonderful cake: And by “bake” I […]

Player Profile: EBOC

EdNote: This is the first in a series of profiles of our merry band of men. All profiles are penned by the players themselves, with minimal editing for clarity and brevity. Name: Michael James Brygidyr MacLean (EdNote: “Brygidyr”?!?”) Nickname: EBOC (Eight-Ball Of Crack) … Of the Shire Date of Birth: 12/08/1980 Real World Occupation: At […]

News from the Poker World

Apparently people other than us play poker. Who’d have thunk it? Chimp Might Not Be Chump in Poker In a “rumor mill” exercise that sounds remarkably like a viral marketing project, the poker site is being touted as the first company to enter a chimpanzee in the the august tournaments of the World Series […]

The History Of The H.G.P.A.

Since Neil seems to have the reporting of current H.G.P.A. events covered, I thought I, as the current association archivist, would take on the responsibility of publishing some information about the long and storied history of the H.G.P.A. Obviously there are hundreds of important stories and anecdotes in the records, but I guess we should […]

Game Report 7/18/06

Location: The Allan Street Poker Syndicate Attendance: Neil, Drake, Bob, EBOC, Alex A small group, but a decicated one indeed. Thank Jesus for air conditioning as well. Quick rounds of Omaha and Hold ‘Em saw Neil build a surprising lead thanks to strangely cautious play. EBOC bled money at a ferocious rate, with the philosophy […]

Game Report 7/11/06

Location: EBOC’s Brother-in-Law’s Swanky South End Pad Attendance: Neil, Chris, Drake, Bob, EBOC, Eric, Speedbag Another sweltering session in the confines of the Webster Terrace PokerDome. Neil’s early attempt to play tight torn asunder by desire to leak chips onto table like a mofo. Drake was up early by a large margin, a fact that […]


We need a way to document our peaks and valleys, and since drinking and other herbal pastimes play a signifigant role in our weekly games, this seems like the best way to do it.